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Coaching Services

To help you, the human, to become a more confident and resilient handler

Black labrador looks at camera with mouth open

Dog Spaghetti | Long Line Skills For The Real World

A series of five 1-2-1 classes focussed on mastering the most intimidating of all training tools... the long line.

Long leads can be tricky to get started with, and if you have a chaotic dog it's easy to bite off more than you can chew while still getting to grips with not tying yourself, your dog and your entire local park in knots.

Session one will see you learn the basics of handling the line without a dog present and by session five you and your dog will be out in the wild with your coach there to keep an eye on the enviroment while helping you to refine your new skills.


Call For Back-Up! | Coached Walk

For those who sometimes need a little extra support on a walk with their reactive dog. I'll be there to intercept those off lead Friendlies and tell off strangers so you can focus soley on your dog.

Particularly useful if you are planning A Big Scary Walk on whcih you hope to tackle some of your dogs triggers out in the wild, or if you want a bit of feedback and support to help you improve your handling skills.

& Behaviour

Helping you and your dog live a more harmonious life together

A ginger cocker spaniel sniffs the air

Working on training and behaviour with our dogs is about so much more than teaching them to Do The Thing when they're told to do it. It's about working as a team to build and maintain a deep, lasting bond that enriches the lives of both human and dog.

A holistic approach to behaviour change takes into account welfare over everything else. Together we will take a deep dive into the world of your dog and investigate their health and wellbeing, environment, diet, triggers and past experiences.

This way we can do so much more than solve isolated problems, we can elevate your dogs quality of life.

Initial Consultation - 2 hours - £50

Can be held in-person or online

Together we'll tumble down the rabbit holeand do some serious information gathering on every aspect of your dogs life.

You'll come away with an initial management, lifestyle and training plan to get started with.


1-2-1 Follow Up Session - 1 hour - £35

For ongoing help with your dogs training and behaviour needs, these session can be used to teach skills, devise new management strategies and look into any physiological issues which may be influencing your dogs behaviour.


Rolling Monthly WhatsApp/Email Support - £40/month

You can send me photos and videos of your dogs progress on walks, training sessions or behaviour in the home for on the spot advice and support in between 1-2-1 sessions.

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