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Walks & care for reactive dogs

I know how difficult it can be to find responsible and ethical care for behaviourially eccentric and sensitive dogs, so I have tailored services specifically for those dogs with special care needs.

A photo of a brindle lurcher wearing a yellow muzzle

Reactive Dog Walks

1-2-1 walks for dogs who bark, lunge, snarl, growl or cower in presence of their personal Big Bad. Whether it be dogs, men in hats or the little ceramic statues people put on their doorsteps I can find a way to manage most triggers so we can get your dog out walking in the world a bit more.

Regular walks will be a mix of decompression, counter conditioning and confidence building.

45 min - £20

1 hour - £25


Help with Husbandry

If you are having trouble with basic husbandry and grooming either because your dog isn't a fan or you're not quite able I can help with brushing, combing, nail trims or scratch board training.

Baths can also be done at home or at a dog-wash for dogs who are able to tolerate the environment.

30 min - £15

1 hour - £20

There will be a charge for mileage and travel time if we need to visit a dog-wash station.


Overnight Dog Sitting - Very Limited Availabilty, Max 2 nights

Before bookig any overnight sitting I will need to have built a positive relationship with your dog either through walks or training sessions.

It can seem like you can't get a single night away when you have a sensitive dog at home, so its extremely useful for your dog to have an experienced and professional friend who can stay over occassionally.

Dinner time to breakfast time, includes a short walk for those who won't toilet in the garden. Any additional walks charged at the standard rate.


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